Special machines

  • Frame press
  • Threading machine
  • Hydraulic punching table
  • Special machine
  • Handling
  • Handling robot
  • Robot cell
  • Grinding equipment
  • Awning production
Broad technical knowledge and creativity are the key to our success.

Range of products and services

Frame presses

  • For example, for insect screen frames, folding shutter frames and other profile frames
  • Simultaneous pinching of different profiles at all frame corners

Handling systems / Automation

  • Removal of plastic parts for single and multiple tools
  • Thermal deburring of plastic parts
  • Clamping devices for buffing and grinding operations
  • Robot removal systems with camera test and tray assembly

Examples of special machines

  • Optimised removal gripper systems
  • Frame press for folding shutter and insect screen profiles
  • Technical data for assembly bar
  • Layout for assembly bar
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Fabric cutting table
  • Fabric drawing-in and winding machine