Profile processing

  • Conveyor system
  • Bead insertion machine
  • End rail punching
  • Punch press for hollow chamber profiles
Optimal solutions for modern industrial processes.

Range of products and services


  • Flexible profile processing with exact distances
  • High clock frequencies
  • Automatic infeed and outfeed
  • Manual punching table
  • Punching of closed profiles with "flying matrix"
  • Bead punching

Bead insertion

  • Insertion up to a length of 6 m
  • Insertion of different beads into a guide rail
  • Cutting the beads to length and pinching them on both sides
  • Processing of guide rails with a slanted cut and different bead channel distances
  • Bead reels with and without brakes

Examples of profile processing machines

  • Punching centre for aluminium and steel profiles
  • Punching table for end rails
  • Punching table for hollow profiles
  • Bead insertion machine